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Mission Statement
The goal here is to have a liberal but professional link exchange community. We will achieve this goal if we receive offers of high PR exchanges from quality websites, sites without unethical/black hat SEO and sites without undesirable content. As a rule; if your site could advertise on Google's AdWords then it can advertise here.

How to Post - Type 1
> Keep posts short and clear. There is no need to post images.
> Describe the page you're willing to link from;
  > Include the PageRank - of the site and page where the link will appear.
  > Describe the general theme of the site
  > Describe the general theme of the page where the link will be shown
> Describe the sort of site you wish to swap links with, including minimum PageRank
> Detail the sort of site you will not swap links with
> Provide contact details

Note: You do not have to identify your site/client site in advance.

Sample Post
: DVD sale site
: PageRank: 5/10 (toolbar) / PageRank for link page 3/10 (toolbar)
: Commercial site selling region 2 DVDs
: Link available on link exchange page
: Wish to link with review sites, celebrity news sites, want link from PageRank 3/10 page.
: Will not swap with competitor sites (other DVD retailers or computer game sites).
: Contact me at spam@ example.com

How to Post - Type 2
:Type 2 posts where added to the community in late April 2005 to try and add some worth.
> We all get link exchange emails. Put them to worth. Post them here.
> Use the heading "Link exchange offer in an email"

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